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Proven Savannah Lawyer Represents Injured Construction Workers

Southern Georgia attorney seeks payment of medical costs and lost wages

Whether the project involves a new structure or repairs, a construction site is a busy place with numerous potential hazards for workers. Accordingly, injuries that occur during the building or repair process might have many possible causes. If you’re a construction worker who’s been hurt on the job, you need a qualified attorney who understands both workers’ compensation claims and personal injury actions that can be initiated against negligent parties. Anderson Law Firm in Savannah has offered this type of comprehensive legal support to Southern Georgia injury victims since 1993. We’ll work diligently to develop a detailed narrative of how you were injured so that you can pursue full financial relief.

Firm handles cases involving safety violations and equipment failures

Drawing on 35 years of experience, Attorney N. Calhoun “Andy” Anderson, Jr. brings detailed knowledge to legal actions arising from work-related injuries so that construction personnel and others are fully compensated for medical expenses and lost wages, as well as damages that are limited to personal injury claims, such as payment for pain and suffering.  No matter how complex your situation might seem, we have a thorough understanding of:

  • Industry standards — Government authorities, employers, unions and industry groups maintain standards to reduce the risk of construction site harm. Often, a serious accident can be traced to a violation of one or more codes. We’ll investigate to see if the proper equipment was used, if workers were sufficiently trained and if required inspections occurred.
  • Injuries caused by heavy equipment — Many manufacturing plant injuries and other construction accidents result from problems associated with heavy equipment. Working with these large machines, one mishap could result in broken bones, head injuries, disfigurement, amputations or even death. Whether the trouble stems from a manufacturing defect or an operation problem, our firm takes assertive action against negligent parties. When possible, we’ll conduct a thorough examination of the equipment, whether the incident involves a vehicle, handheld tool or stationary machine.
  • Failure to use proper safety measures— Even if your healthcare expenses and unearned income are covered by workers’ compensation, our firm goes the extra step to identify companies or individuals who acted negligently, which could trigger special damages in a personal injury action. For example, should there have been signage, fencing or railings in place that may have prevented your injuries?

Our firm has the background and resources to litigate cases requiring expert testimony and extensive research. You don’t have to worry about up-front costs, because we don’t charge attorney fees unless and until you collect compensation for your injury.

Contact a Georgia attorney for a free consultation on a construction site injury claim

Anderson Law Firm advocates on behalf of Georgia construction workers who have been hurt in workplace accidents. Please call 912-328-6491 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at our Savannah office. If you’re unable to travel here, we can come to your home or hospital room.

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